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The RQ 50 burner can be installed both in home and industrial boilers (such as those for bakery ovens, hot air generation, and so on).
Like the RQ 30 burner, thanks to its power output modulating capacity, it is able to work from 10 to 50 kW. Therefore, it can adapt its operation to changing conditions. Besides, the electronic control unit keeps the temperature setting configured by the user regulating the water and exhaust smoke temperatures.
The RQ 50 burner comes with an adapter. This adapter simplifies the assembly into the boiler and acts as a supporting base during cleaning.
It is supplied with a 140 kg hopper and a 2 m long screw conveyor.

RQ 50 Characteristics

RRR biomass burners offer several advantages:
– 50% savings in consumption in comparison with diesel oil
– Savings in terms of installation costs since the boiler does not need replacement; only the diesel oil burner is replaced by a biomass burner.
– No need to change the existing boiler since the flame is produced in the burner, not in the boiler.
A screw conveyor supplied with the hopper feeds the burner automatically with biomass (pellet, olive pits, etc.).
• The RQ burner range is recommended for the use of pellet and other biomass fuels with similar granulometry. It can be used to replace diesel oil and gas burners.
• Anti-flashback system. Our whole burner range, particularly the RQ 50 burner, is equipped with an anti-flashback system. This systems prevents the flame from exiting through the intake pipe. Therefore, if a strong gust of wind blows into the chimney, the flame will not make its way to the burner interior and will not be able to reach the biomass intake pipe or the biomass silo.
• Conveying hose. This is the hose through which the RQ 50 burner receives biomass from the screw conveyor. This hose also acts as a fuse so that, if the anti-flashback system installed in the RQ 30 burner fails, the hose melts, avoiding biomass delivery into the burner. This way, combustion stops and is not possible for the flame to reach the biomass silo.
• Universal adapter. The RQ 50 burner is supplied with an universal adapter that offers several features:
• Connection of the RQ 50 burner to boilers of any type. Since the RQ burner flange is identical to the flange installed in diesel oil/gas burners, full interchangeability is ensured.
• Easy open hinge. This hinge allows the RQ 50 burner to be easily removed, simplifying access for cleaning tasks.
• External combustion. Thanks to the adapter, our burners (particularly the RQ 50 burner) develop combustion outside the boiler furnace. This way, the acid gases produced during flame generation remain outside the boiler. Avoiding those biomass acid gases, we extend the service life of the boiler’s combustion chamber, usually made of cast or sheet iron. Nevertheless, our furnace is made of stainless steel, a material resistant to those acids that does not corrode.
• Control system. The RQ 50 burner is equipped with a control system that automates both biomass volume and air flow, allowing high performance levels and combustion optimization. All components subject to high temperatures are made of materials suitable for that purpose (stainless steel).
• Pellet is supplied to the RQ 50 burner through a screw conveyor that dispenses the appropriate biomass volume from the hopper. This screw conveyor is fitted with a motoreducer for the dosage of the pellet volume required.
• A 140 kg hopper is imperative for biomass feeding according to the burner’s needs. In addition to this 140 kg hopper, we can also provide our customers with tailor-made hoppers.
• The equipment includes two control probes used to monitor water temperature and exhaust smoke temperature with the aim of maximizing efficiency and optimizing pellet consumption.
• The RQ 50 burner’s control system includes a cleaning functionality. This functionality increases fan speed and biomass feeding speed in order to expel ashes in suspension.
• The burner consists of a touchscreen that gives access to temperatures control, maintenance alarms and other functions.
Scope of supply:
• Biomass burner
• 2 m long screw conveyor
• 140 kg (200 l) feeding hopper
• Boiler adapter

Power Min-Máx kW


Frequency Hz

Fan Motor W

Igniter W

Long screw Conveyor W

25-50 (kW) 230 (V) 50 (Hz) 120 (W) 400 (W) 250 (W)










340 (cm) 240 (cm) 650 (cm) 340 (cm) 220 (cm) 120 (cm) 60 (cm) 90-130 (cm) 92 (cm)
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