RRR adapts to each installation’s needs. We can manufacture and assemble the equipment required for sanitary hot water, steam or heating generation.

Our engineers assess the installation possibilities and recommend the best options (changing the burner, changing the boiler or any other solution).

The equipment implemented in this type of premises allows maximum use of the energy generated by the boilers, leading to high levels of performance and significant savings of over 50% in comparison with diesel oil costs.

In addition, our engineering team adapts to the specific needs of each industrial sector. We always look for the best solution in designing and installing our equipment because we are manufacturers and installers. This way we can offer an added value to our customers, who benefit from a product range designed with a robust construction and an efficient operation in mind.

Our extensive experience in the equipment manufacture, repair and maintenance, as well as the reliability proven by our presence in the market for more than 35 years are the foundation of our professionalism.