Founded by Rafael Ruiz Rodríguez back in 1977 as a small workshop devoted to industrial and agricultural machinery repairs, the company has gradually grown and expanded its production lines.

The implementation of new equipment and technologies allows us to develop better and more competitive products.

Quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities for us. Our know-how and drive forward are backed by more than 30 years of experience.

RRR and biomass

Our biomass-related product line is aimed to reduce heat production costs for our customers, both at home and in industrial facilities. We offer a product range developed in-house by our a product range that exudes our expertise in other fields.

With that expertise as a basis, we have developed a wide product range intended for the use of biomass, for example:

– Biomass burners.

– All kinds of hoppers for biomass storage.

– Loading silos.

– Biomass screw conveyors.

– Vacuum conveyors.

– Low and high power biomass boilers.

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